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Gulf States Clean Guard uses a digital Seno Bio-Pump Plus to test for mold. This device is highly accurate and requires no cleaning prior to sampling. There is no possibility of cross contamination from prior testing. 

All samples are sent overnight to a certified and accredited laboratory for professional analysis. Results are delivered within 24 hours of the laboratory receipt. 


EMSL Analytical, Inc. (EMSL) is a nationwide, full service, analytical testing laboratory network providing Asbestos, Mold, Indoor Air Quality, Microbiological, Environmental, Chemical, Forensic, Materials, Industrial Hygiene and Mechanical Testing services since 1981. Ranked as the premier independently owned environmental testing laboratory in the nation, EMSL puts analytical quality as its top priority. This quality is recognized by many well-respected federal, state and private accrediting agencies, and assured by our high quality personnel, including many Ph.D. microbiologists and mycologists.

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