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We restore more than homes and businesses, we restore peace of mind. When mold growth occurs, occupants of the affected area may experience health problems, particularly those with allergies or respiratory problems. Fortunately, Gulf States Clean Guard utilizes advanced technology and equipment, making mold damage restoration safe, cost-effective, and efficient.


Wherever mold occurs, it is important to keep in mind that there may be more to the problem than you can see. Some molds may be hidden or behind wall systems and are only visible with sophisticated mold inspection equipment. Our mold remediation services help protect the health and safety of your family and pets by adhering to strict protocols and environmental standards.

Fogging is used to apply antimicrobial to target mold in places such as bathroom or kitchen ceilings, behind boilers, recently flooded areas, basements and areas with poor ventilation.

We work with insurance companies too.


Louisiana & Florida Mold Remediation Contractor

Licensed with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry for Chemical Application

Gulf States Clean Guard has been providing services for over 20 years in the New Orleans area and all over the Gulf coast. We can safely eliminate any type of mold, regardless of size or location.

Our mold damage mitigation services include:

  • Locating and addressing the moisture source which may include repairing leaky plumbing or leaks in the building envelope through mold detection.

  • Containing mold-affected areas by trained technicians and professionals, ensuring health and safety of your family

  • Air filtration of affected home or building using specialized HEPA equipment

  • Source mold removal of the affected area

  • Restoration and reconstruction, returning your home or building to pre-loss condition

  • Eliminating any air born mold spores in your home or business along with any mold that may have entered HVAC system (air conditioning)  using state of the art products and procedures.

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